Stars and Thunderstorms: community weaving in Merseyside

Some of the best things about this job are the wonderful people I work with, and the inspiring projects that they are involved with. This week I went up to Merseyside to playback some of our research findings,and find out what the local community wants to do with them….

Find out more, by clicking this here Storify link!

About gaiamarcus

Hi, Welcome to this little internet slice of me. I do a lot of work around social networks - not the Facebook kind - human rights and what to do to ensure that people can fulfil their full potential. I'm the social networks analysis 'expert' at the RSA, and tend to have a couple of pet projects on the side: currently Social Mirror and Edgeryders. I cook real good, sing real loud, and frequently contemplate when on earth I shall bite the bullet and return to my beloved trapeze.

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