Social Mirror: quite new a thing!

The new website is up (she is a mere mannequin…)

About gaiamarcus

Hi, Welcome to this little internet slice of me. I do a lot of work around social networks - not the Facebook kind - human rights and what to do to ensure that people can fulfil their full potential. I'm the social networks analysis 'expert' at the RSA, and tend to have a couple of pet projects on the side: currently Social Mirror and Edgeryders. I cook real good, sing real loud, and frequently contemplate when on earth I shall bite the bullet and return to my beloved trapeze.

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  1. Gaia, hello

    I was delighted to discover the Social Mirror – not least as I am also an RSA Fellow, with a particular interest in a particular community: that is, the community of healthcare practitioners, patients and their carers. I would love to chat with you about our work and the ways in which our approach to stories – digital stories – can contribute to supporting human rights, building and strengthening communities, promoting health and wellbeing and helping people connect and reconnect with meaning. You might like to take a look at our website where you can see the digital stories, which are created by the storytellers themselves, as well as some of the papers we’ve written and presentations we’ve given. If you think this might be of interest to other fellows, perhaps we might meet.

    all good wishes


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